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Terms & Condition

1) The Course shall be 100 % online using video streaming software link and details shall be shared by universal language hub co-coordinator.
2) Course duration and fees shall be on sole discretion of the management unless specified.
3) The study material shall be provided by the universal language hub online by email for more details contact the co coordinator.
4) All concern Subject to Pune City Jurisdiction only.
5) Course fee shall be Non refundable Or Non Transferable under any circumstances.
6) Student should ensure following points are considered:-
a) Student should have Computer / Mobile device with a good internet connection and required video streaming software so classes can be conducted uninterrupted during the course duration .
b) No Stop Gaps allowed between any classes.
c) Student should ensure that there is no disturbance in the background during the class time online and should give proper attention.
d) In case of any query or concern student should highlight immediately to the teacher or management if required,
Learning & understanding shall be sole responsibility of the student only management staff or the teacher shall not to be held accountable in later stage.

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