Language Trainer: Japanese

Educational & Professional Qualifications:

  • B.Com, M.A.(Eco), CAIIB
  • Japanese Language Proficiency test – L2 (JLPT- JEES Foundation)
  • Advanced Diploma in Japanese Language (Ranade Institute- SPPU),Pune
  • Advanced Diploma Japanese Language – Indo- Japanese Association, Pune
  • Business Japanese Proficiency Test (JETRO) – Level 3


I believe every individual can become a better version of himself/herself with every passing day. Your commitment to improve yourself and discipline to work on it continuously is what matters. I believe in this principle and work on the same lines. I am passionate about my work and highly committed and motivated while leading my life professionally and personally too.

Reading, art and music interest me just as much as the Japanese language. I am also a professionally qualified Art Instructor.


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