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About Us

"Universal Language Hub" as the name suggests is established to offer a premier foreign language learning in India. We provide a wide range of globally innovative and effective foreign language courses from Pune to all over India and the world - online and in-person facility launching soon.

The basic objective behind starting the Institute is to provide quality training with respect to Foreign Languages, Foreign Education, and International Exam Preparations and enable candidates success.

There are many multi-national companies which look for candidates who are fluent in foreign languages and cultural skills. Our Institute has been established to bridge the skills gap by offering the best language course which are in popular demand and sought after to enhance communication skills and overall grooming.

Our team of experienced trainers largely concentrate on modern teaching methods and devote themselves in improvising foreign language speaking ability of every student and candidate. The languages taught are planned to suit every individual's capacity and grasping level. We provide courses tailor-made and personalised for individuals with educational and professional commitments.

Universal Language Hub is the trusted choice for people to learn new languages.

Take this journey of learning and knowledge with us. Join Us. Learn with Us.

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