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Somya Sharma

Somya Sharma

Founder and Managing Director

Experience:Lived in Africa for 14 years. Very passionate in life. Developed & implemented intensive, ambitious business strategies. Achieved short-term business goals, and long-term objectives

Qualification: MBA HR

Experience: 10 years of experience in education industry

Key Achievements: Increased revenue by over 250% in a 3-year timespan

Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma

Co-Founder and Director

Experience: Successfully running multiple entrepreneurial businesses in finance, real estate, and trading for the past 10 years as CEO of Royal Services, Lord Shiva Associates, Lord Shiva Financial Services, Kaiser Traders. Served prestigious clients like Toyota, Honda, Mahindra, and many others.

Passion: Social Service, Community Building, Charity Initiatives

Strengths: Business investments, growth and scaling, Leadership

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