Started on December 6, 2023

About China and Mandarin/Cantonese Language

Mandarin/ Cantonese language is 2nd most spoken language in world, not only in China but Hong Kong, Taiwan , Canada , Australia, Singapore etc. Chinese language can provide ample opportunities in career. Aspirants who have a mastery over Mandarin/ Cantonese language may become Translators, Interpreter. If candidates have any Technical degree or have done their graduation for e.g. B.COM. or B.A. or B.B.A. or B.Sc. – may get better career growth on learning this popular language..

Candidates can get HSK certification by giving HSK exam from the China Government. There are 8 Centers in India where you can apply for the certification and exam. One completion of your course with Universal Knowledge Hub, the team will guide on the next steps to be taken for certification.

Capital: Beijing

Flag: The Chinese national flag or the five-star red flag is a red field with five golden stars charged at the canton. It has one large star with four smaller stars in an arc set off towards the fly.

Currency: Yuan

Population: 1,447,842,106 (2022)

Nationality: Chinese

Climate: China’s climate varies from bitter cold in winter to unbearable heat in summer.

Language: Mandarin/ Cantonese


Levels Duration
HSK1 28 Classes
HSK2 35 Classes
HSK3 40-45 Classes
HSK4 50 Classes


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