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Language Training Speaks to Improved Business Results

Language training for employees isn’t just for expatriates anymore. Having workers who can speak and work in non-native tongues is important to organizations competing in an increasingly global economy, whether that involves attorneys dealing with international clients or a hotel’s custodial staff interacting with guests.

Findings from Best in Class: How Enterprises Succeed with Language-Learning Programs are based on a survey of 214 executives from around the world. Forbes Insights conducted the survey in conjunction with Rosetta Stone—a company that offers courses in more than 30 languages—to find out how leading companies are training employees to speak and work in other languages and the impact it is having on an individual and organizational level.

Around the world, English, German, Spanish, and French are the four languages most often taught in the corporate environment, the report found.

Basic English, Advanced English
French, German, Arabic
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